Volume 11, no. 1
Fall 2003

Philip Fried


  Robert Minhinnick
    On Reading “Rolling Stone” Magazine

  Pascale Petit
    The Singing Bowl
    The Ant Glove
    Rattlesnake Mother
    My Mother’s Tongue
    The Strait-Jackets

  Helen Clare
    The Small Hours
    Marriage Bed

  Simon Barraclough

  Barbara Thimm
    Mother Tongue

  Katy Evans-Bush

  Aharon Shabtai
     Translated from the Hebrew by Peter Cole
     What’s Spinoza?

  Baron Wormser
    Global Warming
    Disasters of War

  D. Nurkse
    A Hike to Little Falls
    Nine Crows
    Liberation of Sumer

  Göran Sonnevi
     Translated from the Swedish by Rika Lesser
    from Mozart’s Third Brain, XLII, L, LI

  Rika Lesser
    from THE GIRLS, With Poppies

  Patricia Goedicke
    Cloud Chamber and Perimeter
    In the Library of the Same Tidepool

  Jas. Mardis
    Stealing Sweet Apple Pears

  Ellen Sobelman
    Hints from Madison Avenue

  Angelo Verga
    Spray on hair
    Bee Hive
    Church Street Post Office

  Ian Brand
    Say It
    February 15, NYC

  Hal Sirowitz
    God’s Delivery System
    The Family Man

  Colleen J. McElroy
    You and Me and Veronica Lake

  Louis Jenkins
    The Talk
    Old Friends

  Amy Holman

  E. J. McAdams
    The Decline of Herons in the Arthur Kill

  James Norcliffe
    George’s Shirts
    The Sea Horses at Portobello



  Lem Coley
    “Somebody Blew up America”: The Baraka Controversy

  Barry Wallenstein
    Remembering M. L. Rosenthal (1917-1996)

  E. J. McAdams
    “Looking for Things”: Poetry and Urban Nature


  Baron Wormser
    Giuseppi Ungaretti, translated by Andrew Frisardi, Selected Poems

  Ian Brand
    Aharon Shabtai, J’Accuse
Christopher Bursk, Ovid at Fifteen

Nicholas Birns
    Michael Brenner and Peter Minter, editors, Calyx:
      30 Contemporary Australian Poets
John Leonard, editor, New Music
Patricia Carlin, Original Green

  Fred Muratori
    Jeanne Marie Beaumont and Claudia Carlson, editors
      The Poets’ Grimm

  Frank Beck
    The Spoken Word: Poets, NSA CD 13
    The Voice of the Poet: Robert Frost, CD/cassette

  Contributors’ Notes