Volume 1, no. 2
Fall 1980

A.R. Ammons
   "A Place You Can Live": An Interview with A.R. Ammons
   The Fairly High Assimilation Rag
   The Spiral Rag

Raquel Chalfi
   What the Blue Shark Said
   I, the barracuda
   Porcupine fish

Chris Bursk

Frank Beck
   Awakened by Sleep the Size of a Year

Daniel Rich
   Lazarus K.

Paul Montazzoli

Frank Kujawinski (translator)
   Translator's Introduction to the Poems of Borowski, Baranczak,
     Bierezin, and Krynicki
   Tadeusz Borowski
   Stanislaw Baranczak
   Jacek Bierezin
   Ryszard Krynicki

Contributor Notes