Volume 2, no. 2
Summer 1982

Philip Fried
  Preface to the Fourth Issue

Paul Ricoeur
  Poetry and Possibility: An Interview with Paul Ricoeur,
    Conducted by Philip Fried

  Introductory Statements
  Lynn Saville
  John Milisenda

Paul Montazzoli

Peter Redgrove
  Introduction to the Poems of Peter Redgrove by Frank Beck
  Cornish Forces
  Tantric Friends
  The Reason Why Witches Wear Black
  Mask of Source
  The College in the Reservoir
  The Sister in the Glass
  She Believes She Has Died
  Domestic Suite
  River of Air
  Uncountable Pharmacy
  To the Water Psychiatrist
  Paper Door
  The Effigies
  An Egyptian Requiem

Contributor's Notes