Mallika VoraFall/Winter 2013-14

Volume 16, no. 1

Mallika VoraFall/Winter 2013-14
Volume 16, no. 1


John Carpenter
    Burial, Location, Excavation: The Hiding and Discovery of Wladyslaw Szlengel’s Poems

Wladyslaw Szlengel
    Translated from the Polish by John and Bogdana Carpenter
    Two Men in the Snow
    A Window onto the Other Side
    The Last Legend About the Golem
    A Monument
    On That Day
    Afterword (Prose)
    To the Polish Reader (Prose)

D. Nurkse
    Letter from the Lowlands

Philip Gross
    Mist over the Weir
    Paul Klee: the late style

John Kinsella
    “Did he who made the lamb make thee?”
    Natural Bridge, Torndirrup, 1967

Chana Bloch
    The Revised Version
    Instructions for a Jewish Wedding
    The Great Samovar
    Dispatches from the Tourists’ Bureau
    Rosh Hashana in the Field

Gerry LaFemina
    Our Lady of La Altagracia

Angie Estes
    One Speaks of Divine Things on a Sky-blue Field
    Shadow of the Evening
    View from My Father’s Grave

Paweł Marcinkiewicz
    Translated from the Polish by Piotr Florczyk
    A View
    In Front of “The Pennib” Store, January 1998
    A Day

Howard Altmann

Penelope Shuttle
    My Life
    Wooden Heart

George Szirtes
    The Matrix Reloaded
    Sealed with a Kiss
    Dr. Vulpine

Hal Sirowitz
    Postcards to Herself
    Wanting a Little Privacy

Doc Suds
    The Ringtone Muse

Tim Liardet
    Viginty Alley
    The Aquarium Octopus Flashes a Mirror

Anne-Marie Fyfe
    Red Rooftops
    Chekhov’s Revolver
    A Tree Grows on Cornelia Street

Kasey Jueds
    Girl, 9...

Jacob Polley
    Doll’s House
    Hide and Seek
    Manifesto for the Makeshift
    A Room Upstairs
    The Ransom

Neil Shepard
    STREET, Manhattan

Marc Kaminsky
    The Messiah



Marc Kaminsky
    The Demotic Sublime: On D. Nurkse’s A Night in Brooklyn



Fred Muratori
    A Night in Brooklyn by D. Nurkse

Howard Altmann
    A Man and an Angel by Toon Tellegen