Mallika Vora

Volume 2, no. 1

Mallika Vora
Volume 2, no. 1

Philip Fried
  Preface to the Third Issue

Stanislaw Baranczak
  Stanislaw Baranczak and the Generation
 of ’68 in Poland: 
An Interview Conducted
 by Philip Fried
  Where Did I Wake Up?
  These Words
  Because Only This World of Pain
  In Principle, It’s Not Possible
  Together with Dust
  If Porcelain, Then Only the Kind
  I’m Through with These

Christopher Bursk
  Saying Goodnight to the Letters
  My Collection of Dance Masks
  Too Late to Tell If It Is Hawk or Crow
  “After I wake, I want to shape my body still to sleep”
  The Trees, Old Diplomats
  Taking Role

Lou Weiss
  Translation of Bruno Schulz’s essay, “Mythization of Reality”

Paul Montazzoli

Contributors’ Notes