Mallika VoraSpring 1990

Volume 5, no. 1

Mallika VoraSpring 1990
Volume 5, no. 1

Philip Fried

Bronislaw Maj
  Translated by Daniel Bourne
  “On her way out this morning, she left”
  “A September afternoon, I inhale”
  “Life swells to twice, three times its normal size”
  “One of the last leaves to break loose from the maple”
  “Evening, the Kraków train station, three gypsy”

Thomas C. Carlson and Vasile Poenaru
  Translations of Romanian Poems
  Mircea Cărtărescu
    Georgic III
  Marius Robescu
  Ana Blandiana
    So Cold
    The Soul
  A.E. Baconsky
    Prophetic Anatomy

Imre Oravecz
  Translated by Bruce Berlind with Mária Korösy
  My Time’s Running Out
  For Quite Some Time

Glyn Maxwell
  Quietly Now

Peter Redgrove
  The Small Earthquake
  More Than Meets the Eye
  Blackthorn Winter
  True Wasp
  Carcass and Balsam
  Mistress Shivers

Penelope Shuttle
  Moon Without End

A.R. Ammons
  Cracking a Few Hundred Million Years

Colleen J. McElroy
  What the Jackrabbits Know
  Main Exhibit Hall
  A Skadarlija Walk in Three-Quarter Time

Christopher Bursk
  Santa Lucia
  Let This Cup Pass from Me
  The Dandelion

Robert Dassanowsky-Harris
  Three Letters Not Written, 1926

Judson Jerome
  For Marty, After 15,000 Days and Nights
  from Job: The Voice Out of the Whirlwind

Stephen Harcourt Haven
  Light on the Sound

Norma McLain Stoop
  Ballad of the Distant Cliff

D. Nurkse
  1956: The Horizon
  Late Spring in a Small City
  The High Gondola

Peggy Guiton
  Review of Selected Poems, by Philippe Jaccottet

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