Mallika VoraWinter/Spring 2005

Volume 11, no. 2

Mallika VoraWinter/Spring 2005
Volume 11, no. 2

Philip Fried
    Introduction: I. M. Peter Redgrove



Robin Fulton
    By the Ely Road
    August Evening on Deck
    At the Photo-copier
    Nightfall in St. Mary’s Lane

Henrik Nordbrandt
    Translated from the Danish by Robin Fulton
    Sun and Shadow

Lennart Sjögren
    Translated from the Danish by Robin Fulton
    Late, Early
    The Things

Reiner Kunze
    Translated from the German by Robin Fulton

Peter Huchel
    Translated from the German by Robin Fulton
    No Answer

Polly Clark
    Elvis the Performing Octopus
    Fishing Boat
    Still Life with Table and Lake
    You Are My America

Ruth Fainlight
    Waiting for Sleep

John Brehm
    Falling and Rising
    To the Dogs

Les Murray
    For a Convert in Boston
    The Offshore Island

Robert Minhinnick
    Josephine’s Rain

David Constantine
    At the Frost Fair

Hal Sirowitz
    Typical Behavior

D. Nurkse
    The Dark Universe
    Defenses of the Ocean
    Simuliidae & Ephemeroptera

Claire Malroux
    Translated by Marilyn Hacker
    The Wordless Woman

Toon Tellegen
    Translated by Judith Wilkinson
    Introduction to the Poems of Toon Tellegen
    “Everyone is alone”
    With Impunity
    “Sometimes a thought breaks away”
    “A Door”
    “There’s no shortage of people”

Robert Collins
    The Antichrist and Antimatter

Bill Wunder
    Pointing at the Moon

Andrey Gritsman
    Ars Poetica

Baron Wormser
    Carthage’s Identity
    Carthage and the Evil
    Carthage and the Television
    Carthage and Airplanes

Christopher Bursk
    Nothing More Dangerous Than Boredom
    Why Latin Should Still Be Taught in High School
    The Barbarians
    What Do You Hate About Yourself?
    Irreconcilable Differences

Annie Boutelle
    The Lover

Charlene Fix
    Weatherman: A Confession



A Baker’s Dozen by Peter Redgrove

    The Force
    Minerals of Cornwall, Stones of Cornwall
    The Idea of Entropy at Maenporth Beach
    Or Was That When I Was Grass
    The Weddings at Nether Powers
    Three-Hundred-Year Moment
    On the Patio
    My Father’s Spider
    Orchard with Wasps
    The Funeral
    The Town Alters So the Guides Are Useless
    Blackthorn Winter



Philip Fried
    Scientist of the Strange: An Interview with Peter Redgrove



Philip Hobsbaum
    The Redgrove Momentum: 1952-2003

Neil Roberts
    Work and Incubation: Peter Redgrove’s Method of Composition

Alan Brownjohn
    One Extraordinary Poem

Paul Bentley
    Reading Peter Redgrove

Robert Minhinnick
    Encountering the Redgrovian

Pascale Petit
    The Eye’s Perfume

Frank Beck
    Review of Peter Redgrove’s Selected Poems



Penelope Shuttle
    Redgrove’s Wife

Rupert Loydell
    His Own Words
    Other Rooms

Paul Bentley