Mallika VoraFall/Winter 2005-6

Volume 12, no. 1

Mallika VoraFall/Winter 2005-6
Volume 12, no. 1

Philip Fried



John Burnside
    Poem on a line by Stanley Plumly
    Visit Home
    De corporis resurrectione

Robin Behn
    Above the Attic of the Yellow House,
        There Is Another Set of Stairs
    The Green Field
    Distances of the Yellow House
    A Pattern Language

Pascale Petit
    My Mother’s Perfume
    Mother of Pearl
    The Limestone Madonna in the
        Grotte des Demoiselles
    At the Gate of Secrets

Antonio Machado
    Translated from the Spanish by Frank Beck
    2. From “Proverbs and Songs”

Ortsion Bartala
    Translated from the Hebrew by Ortsion Bartala and Riva Rubin
    Something Is Moving Within Me
    I Think Poems
    English version by Robert Fulton
    Evening in my Armchair

Amina Saïd
    Translated from the French by Marilyn Hacker
    Blood of the Sea
    on the seventh day of my birth
    I was ten years old head full of sky

Martha Kapos
    Even When It Seems
    Sea Level
    The Usual Thing

Robert Minhinnick
    St. John’s Sunflowers

Todd Swift
    Eccentric Held After Hammer Attacks on Treasures of Venice
    Auden in Snow

Baron Wormser
    Class of ’65
    On the Absence of Televised Casualties

Toon Tellegen
    Translated from the Dutch by Judith Wilkinson
    “Jealousy was young”
    “You know what, a man thought”
    Dying?? Never heard of it!
    “The emperor is cold”
    “You must, they said, face the truth”
    “A man thought that he was free”

D. Nurkse
    In the Year One Thousand
    Lac Noir
    Honeymoon on Old Man Island

Ian Brand
    There’s no sound

Hal Sirowitz
    New Car
    Horror Movie

Angelo Verga
    Muse and I are in one of those trendy new

Laura Sheahen



Nicholas Birns
    Where Sun Shines on Settlers: A Global Australian Poetry

Les Murray
    Death from Exposure
    The Hoaxist
    As Night-Dwelling Winter Approaches
    Ghost Story
    A Stampede of the Sacrifice
        St. Valentine’s Day 1916

John Kinsella
    Geraldton: First Prophecy
    Geraldton: Coastal Prophecy 2
    Graphology 117: Collectively Unconscious
    Graphology 118
    Graphology 130: The dripping disincontinent
    The Slasher
    Snake Found in Hay Bale

Andrew Sant
    Long Wait at Quick Shoe Repairs
    Two Ways of Looking at Landscape
    Heat and Light
    Nike at the Megaliths
    Saxophone in a Pawnbroker’s Window
    Excursion, Delayed

Robert Adamson
    Thinking of Eurydice at Midnight
    Letter to Tom Raworth
    Brahminy Kite
    Eventail: for Mery in Paris
    Powder Hulk Bay
    Fishing in a Landscape for Love
    Gang Gang Cockatoos
    The Peach-Faced Finches of Madagascar

M. T. C. Cronin
    God is Waiting
    “God is Weird”
    Tampa: For the Drowning Who Were Watched
    The Law of Explanations
    The Law of Kindness
    The Morsel Techniques
    The Patient Guide to the Human Heart
    Yo-Yo Pièta
    Possible Cures for Beauty
    The Heart is a Towel (What’s News?)

Jennifer Maiden
    Channel Surf
    Costume Jewelry
    “Look, I’m standing on no-floor”
    Menopause as a Bee Freed from a Fairy Floss Machine
    Old Europe Stared at Her Breakfast

Bev Braune
    The Argument Between North and South over
        How to Measure The Edge of The World

Lionel Fogarty
    we natives feel
    Four corners of the . . .
    solidarity in so far




Frank Beck
    Poetry’s Millions



Fred Muratori
    Carl Dennis, New and Selected Poems, 1974–2004

Ian Brand
    Baron Wormser, Subject Matter

Scott Hightower
    Jeanne Marie Beaumont, Curious Conduct

John Kinsella
    John Burnside, The Good Neighbour
    Richard Price, Lucky Day

Ina Pftizner
    Paul Celan, Romanian Poems