Mallika VoraFall/Winter 2008-9

Volume 13, no. 2

Mallika VoraFall/Winter 2008-9
Volume 13, no. 2

Philip Fried



Toon Tellegen
    Translated from the Dutch by Judith Wilkinson
    Preface by Toon Tellegen
    “My father/destroyed...”
    “My father/was happy...”
    “My father/explained himself”
    “My father/let a cup...”
    “My father/was immense and limitless”
    “My father/slept...”
    “My father/looked for love”
    “My father/made things hot...”
    “My father/begot surprise...”
    “My father/was something...”

Penelope Shuttle
    Lunch Party
    Looking Back
    I Think It Will Happen Like This
    Grief is a singing man
    When Happiness Returns After a Long Absence
    The Fields
    To a Singing Master
    The Day Is My Servant
    Silver Ring
    Love, the Blackmailer
    Your Portrait

Julia Hartwig
    Translated from the Polish by John and Bogdana Carpenter

George Szirtes
    The Street in Movement
    Appropos Palladio

Ruth Fainlight
    Slow Wet Flakes
    Water, Fire, Blood

Tim Liardet
    Bucko In Love
    Self-Portrait as Fly Paper



    Introduction: A Selection of Work by Young British Poets

Emily Berry
    A Short Guide To Corsetting
    The Incredible History of Patient M.

Zoë Brigley
    The Jewel-Box
    My Pear-Tree Bower

James Byrne
    Apprentice Work
    To-tock-ah-noo-lah, Yosemite National Park

Melanie Challenger
    Tamar Bridge
    Stac Pollaidh

Isobel Dixon
    Kudu Watch
    The Buried Butterfly

Joe Dunthorne
    Cave dive
    Sestina for my friends

Nathan Hamilton
    Coast Walk

Luke Kennard
    The Dusty Era
    Variations on Tears

Chris McCabe
    ABC Finance
    How to Get a 6 Month Old Baby Into Shape

Alex McRae
    Chimney Sweep
    West of Ireland Fly-Fishing Champion 1952

Helen Mort
    A Bear in the City of Bicycles
    Fifteen Apologies

Daljit Nagra
    Cut Out
    The Gob-Smacking Taste of Mine Inheritance!

Sally Read
    On Your Birthday

Jacob Polley
    The Byre
    The Cheapjack

Sally Read
    The Lullaby Hours

Kathryn Simmonds
    Sunday Morning
    Last Train

Jack Underwood
    And what do you do?

Ben Wilkinson
    The Tesla Coil



Benjamin Fondane
    Translated from the French by Marilyn Hacker

John Kinsella
    Canto of the Valley Stench (10/11)
    Echoing Canto of the Gleaners (Inferno)

D. Nurkse
    A Night in the Capital
    The End of Lunar Days
    Isle Au Haut

Hal Sirowitz
    The Sound of Money
    Fork and Spoon
    Reasons for Loving
    A Hole Makes the Bagel

Christopher Bursk
    Just one more spoonful?
    Ode to the Spoon
    You Don’t Deserve to Be Alive!
    Calling in Sick
    This Call’s For You

Seth Abramson
    I Have Been in the Prayers of Other Men

Jeanne Marie Beaumont
    A Notion
    The Hooked Gimmick



Baron Wormser
    The Ballad of Thomas Hardy and Bob Dylan

Marc Kaminsky
    The Reinvention of Holiness: Two Yiddish Poems of the Holocaust

Mark Sullivan
    Spacecraft Voyager I: New and Selected Poems by Alice Oswald

Jeanne Marie Beaumont
    In Praise of the Unfinished: Selected Poems by Julia Hartwig, translated by John and Bogdana Carpenter

Ian Brand
    Collected Poems by Lynda Hull