Mallika VoraFall/Winter 2009-10

Volume 14, no. 1

Mallika VoraFall/Winter 2009-10
Volume 14, no. 1

Philip Fried
    Introduction: In Memory of Marion K. Stocking (1922-2009)



Jane Hirshfield
    The Familiar Stairs
    Come, Thief
    Haibun: A Mountain Rowboat

Marie-Claire Bancquart
    Translated from the French by Marilyn Hacker

Göran Sonnevi
    Translated from the Swedish by Rika Lesser
    “Who are you? came the voice”

George Szirtes
    Minimenta: Postcards to Anselm Kiefer

Les Murray
    The Submerged Chute of Bass Strait
    The Sphere

Penelope Shuttle
    At Housel Bay, June 2002
    On the Path to the Ruins, Relleu
    In Your Sleep
    Yellow Broom
    In the Ruins of Velia
    Concert, Queen Elizabeth Hall, Spring 2006
    Taking the Drip Out
    The Stove

James Byrne
    Widowed, Unwidowed

D. Nurkse
    A Night in Caceres
    The Future
    Siege of Narva
    The Rolling Mills of Ecorche, Michigan

Tim Liardet
    The Beating
    from The Storm House
          3 “Untalkative brother, a year dead, everywhere world...”
          4 “I want to suck back the hissing along its jets...”
         17 “At ten, as at fifty, you wore our father’s necklace...”
         24 “The blow was delivered to the crown of her head,...”

Chris McCabe

Angie Estes
    Love Letters
    You Can Tell

Martha Kapos
    Baby’s Breath

Patricia Carlin
    Regret Was My Mother
    The Disappeared Mother

Sandeep Parmar

Julia Mishkin

Hal Sirowitz
    The Gate That Won’t Open
    The First Kiss
    On One Side Is Her
    What’s for Snack
    New Ways to Clean

Marc Kaminsky
    The Burning Hoop



    Introduction to Scottish Poets

Carol Ann Duffy

John Burnside
    Learning to swim
    The hunt in the forest
    In Memoriam

Robin Robertson
    At Roane Head
    By Clachan Bridge
    Signs on a White Field
    Strindberg in Berlin

Roddy Lumsden
    The Shilling Hotel
    And Back Again
    The Vanguard
    The Crown

Polly Clark
    Farewell My Lovely

Robin Fulton
    At Last
    Mist Locally
    Nor the Ear Filled With Hearing
    Oak in November
    October Morning
    Stilled Life

Jen Hadfield
    Love’s Dog
    The Mandolin of May 

Peter Davidson
    Of Death, Fame and Immortality
    Recitative and Aria of the Sovereign Lady Melancholia
    The Apotheosis of James Byres of Tonley

A.B. Jackson
    from Apocrypha

Richard Price
    Like a student gardener
    Aphasia in last days



Baron Wormser
    The Wire and The Waste Land

John Brehm
    Toon Tellegen, translated by Judith Wilkinson, About Love and About Nothing Else

Mark Kaminsky
    D. Nurkse, The Border Kingdom