Mallika VoraFall/Winter 2011-12

Volume 15, no. 1

Mallika VoraFall/Winter 2011-12
Volume 15, no. 1


Toon Tellegen
    Translated from the Dutch by Judith Wilkinson
    It was raining . . .
    A man found an angel . . .
    An angel caressed a man . . .
    A man declared war on himself . . .
    Millions of people fight with millions of angels . . .
    A man said . . .
    An angel kissed a man . . ..
    An angel found a man . . .
    A man collected questions, uncertainties . . .
    It was winter . . .

Julia Hartwig
    Translated from the Polish by John and Bogdana Carpenter
    Introduction to the Work of Julia Hartwig
    Homage to Tintoretto
    Un-. Half-, Partly-
    With Fixed Gaze
    Don’t Ask

Marc Kaminsky

Gabriel Levin
    Gallilean Elegies

D. Nurkse
    A Night in the Pyrenees
    End of the Dark Ages
    The Names

Penelope Shuttle
    A version of some lines from Dante’s Inferno
    Days and Nights in the City
    Driving Barefoot

John Kinsella
    Battening Down
    Greedy after this gossip
    The town and river overflow

Chris McCabe
    The Midwitches
    The Birth
    “THE RESTRUCTURE drowns. . .”
    The Bird Cure
    “THE RESTRUCTURE reminds. . .”

Julia Mishkin
    Sleeper Asleep
    Ancien Regime
    Piano of the Mind
    Les Yeux Sans Visage

Sally Read

Charlene Fix
    On the Outskirts of Vertigo

Christopher Bursk
    We’ll Always Have CGI Paris

Judy Bolz
    How the Past Appeared

Hal Sirowitz
    Apologies to Mohammed Ali
    Corpses Taking Part
    All White
    Walking the Jungle

Richard Hoffman
    Glimpse and Rumor

Casey Jueds
    The Missing Women



Mark Sullivan
    Kentucky Derby by Andrea Cohen

Baron Wormser
    World into Word by Mark Doty

Frank Beck
    The Storm House by Tim Liardet