Mallika VoraFall/Winter 2010-11

Volume 14, no. 2

Mallika VoraFall/Winter 2010-11
Volume 14, no. 2


Penelope Shuttle
    When the Year
    Hospital Song
    Threat Register
    Scapegoat Song
    FB’s Mirror

Baron Wormser
    A Visitation (1968)
    from My Bands, 4. Al and the Allies

Firas Sulaiman
    Translated from the Arabic by Samantha K. Sulaiman

D. Nurkse
    Bridge of Voices
    Fourteen Months in the Handbag Handle Factory

Les Murray
    The Double Diamond
    The Cartoonist

Hal Sirowitz
    Choking on Candy
    My Rewritten Bar Mitzvah Speech
    William Shakespeare Rejects Time
    The Dead Strikes Back 

Andrea Cohen
    Self Mailer
    Self-Portrait as Fourth Fate
    Chicken, Airplane, Soldier
    Person as Substitute for Two People
    Coupons in the Afterlife
    Self-Portrait with a Chain Saw
    Three-Legged Race
    Reverse Egg Hunt
    The Gates of Paradise

Tim Liardet
    The Interment
    from Priest Skear
    #5 They come up, gasping. Some rip off ...
    #7 They go down. And the words ... 
    #9 They go down. Though a force ... 
    #11 They go down. The winter current ... 

Jeanne Marie Beaumont
    Letter from Limbo #3
    Letter from Limbo #7 

Marc Kaminsky
    Stranded Objects 

Nathan Hamilton
    Gang of Malcolms
    Malcolm and the Data Gods 

Christopher Bursk
    And all in war with Time for love of you 
    So long as men can breathe or eyes can see
    Be not self-willed, for thou art too fair
    Fairing the foul with art’s false-borrowed face
    Since I left you, mine eye is in my mind
    You are so strongly in my purpose bred  
    O call me not to justify that wrong



Simon Barraclough
    Introduction to Psycho Poetica

Matthew Welton

Dzifa Benson
    The $40,000 Pill

Simon Barraclough
    Being a Woman You Will

Heather Phillipson
    1960s Monochrome Hollywood Paraphernalia ($47, collection only)

Roddy Lumsden
    What the Shrimp Calls Its Tail, I Call Its Handle 

Jane Draycott

John Stammers
    Mop and Pail 

Chris McCabe

Joe Dunthorne
    Dear Arbogast 

Luke Heeley

Isobel Dixon

Annie Freud
    The Yes and the No and the Terrible Thank You 



Chris McCabe
    Poets of Liverpool and Manchester: A Cultural Background 

John Ash
    Glowing Embers: Paraphrases & Fictions
    Partial Explanation
    In the Wake of the Day 

Helen Clare
    On Every Tube
    Aphis rosae 
    Pyrrhosoma nymphula

Chris Emery
    Black Flake 
    The Pendulum
    The Departure 

Paul Farley
    A Minute’s Silence 
    Liverpool Disappears for a Billionth of a Second
    A Tunnel 

Grevel Lindop
    The Tattooist
    Ars Poetica 

Eleanor Rees
    Night River
    Seams of Dust
    Walking the Avenues 

Deryn Rees-Jones
    After You Died
    Shrub & Willow 

Jean Sprackland
    The Source
    Dried Fish
    Champagne Corks

Steven Waling
    Kind of Blue
    Missed the Bus
    The King
    Surfaces May Be Slippery 

Matthew Welton
    An ABC of American Suicide
    Got Loose and Let Some
    from In-with-the-drizzle: one, three 

Matt Simpson (1936-2009)
    An Elegy for the Galosherman

Michael Murphy (1965-2009)
    The Man Who Walked on Water 



Hal Sirowitz
    from Talking to My Arms and Legs: Living with Parkinson’s Disease



Fred Muratori
    Jen Hadfield, Almanacs and Nigh-No-Place

Frank Beck
    Todd Swift, poetry editor, Asking a Shadow to Dance: 35 Young British Poets for Oxfam (DVD)