Mallika VoraFall/Winter 2015-16

Volume 17, no. 1

Mallika VoraFall/Winter 2015-16
Volume 17, no. 1


John Greening and Penelope Shuttle
    Introduction to Heath [JG & PS]
    “Clawed from the Heath ...” [JG]
    “In over the blackthorn hoard” [JG]
    “Building an Airport” [PS]
    “As if” [PS]
    “If as” [JG]
    “Along an Old Track ... ” [PS]
    “Serving the people of West London” [PS]
    “When Gods Fight” [PS]
    “Wolf from door” [PS]
    “Mullein stalks dipped ...” [JG]
    “From his grave ...” [JG]
    “the power AND the glory ...” [JG]

Harry Clifton
    The Hertfordshire Graves
    Christ of the Rockies
    Art, Children and Death

Chris McCabe
    City of London Dark Hymn
    The Boy Made of Marble

Rosalind Hudis
    The Fish Stall; they Peer at
    Vasari’s Last Supper
    The Plant Hunter

Jeanne Marie Beaumont
    W. B. Yeats, an Exhibition
    To Avoid a White Day

Carol Rumens
    Small Facts
    Praying with the Imam at Summerfade
    Song of the Obsolete
    Home Thoughts from the Cow-Shed

Jean-Paul de Dadelsen
    Translated from the French by Marilyn Hacker
    A Song of Solomon

D. Nurkse
    Poetry Recital
    Half-Finished Houses

Marc Kaminsky
    A Night in Utopia

Mark Sullivan
    On Receiving a Postcard from Duino Castle
    The Substance of Light
    To the Woman Ahead of Me in Line,
         Tattooed with a Single Wingt
    Forty-Part Motet

Richard Hoffman
    Libera Nos a Malo

Barry Wallenstein
    My Dog
    Prideful Creatures

J. L. Cooper
     Consultation of the Yolo Crows

David Wagoner

Paul Henry
    The Penitent

Cheryl Moskowitz
    Imagining your death

Seàn Street
     Short Wave

Frederick Pollack
    The Port

John Gosslee
    Fish Boy

Fred Muratori
    I Married a Theory from Outer Space
    Home Front

Sean Lause
    Dead giveaway
    Plasto Man
    Turtle Vision
    My Final Halloween



Fred Muratori
    The World Before Snow, by Tim Liardet

Frank Beck
    The Likeness, by Martha Kapos
    Alive, Alive O, by Greta Stoddard
    Hominid Up, by Neil Shepard
    Loop of Jade, by Sarah Howe

Ian Brand
    The Cartographer Tries to Map His Way to Zion, by Kei Miller

Rick Larios
    Swimming in the Rain, by Chana Bloch

Jeanne Marie Beaumont
    Each Day Catches Fire, by Imants Ziedonis, 
       translated from the Latvian by Bitite Vinklers
    The Holding Centre: Selected Poems, 1974-2004, by Harry Clifton 

Kathleen Flenniken
    Keeper, by Kasey Jueds