Mallika VoraFall/Winter 2016-17

Volume 17, no. 2

Mallika VoraFall/Winter 2016-17
Volume 17, no. 2


George Szirtes
    Meetings with Strangers
    The Body in Good Humor
    To Wonder

Wladislaw Szlengel
    Translated from the Polish by John and Bogdana Carpenter
    The Feast of Tabernacles
    Do Not Buy New Calendars
    Conversation with a Child
    A Page from the “Aktion” Diary

John Kinsella
    Borromini’s Perspective and the Galleria Spada’s Resident Cat
    Ode to Ruin Lizards at Ostia Antica
    Prickly Pear Disintegration

Penelope Shuttle
    As I fell

D. Nurkse
    The Year of False Alarms
    The Exemption
    Capital of Loneliness

Caitriona O’Reilly
    The Glass Sponge
    The Queen of Sweden
    The Swan Theme

Baiba Bičole
    Translated from the Latvian by Bitite Vinklers
    Before a Painting
    “A drop of sun”

Julia Mishkin
    The Moon Explains to Endymion...
    The Story

Robin Fulton Macpherson
    When the Sun Is Busy Elsewhere
    River Wolves
    A Night in Utopia

Kjell Espmark
    Translated from the Swedish by Robin Fulton Macpherson

Chris McCabe
    Owl Pellet

Pascale Petit
    Love Charm
    River Wolves
    The Horse-Dress

Jean-Paul de Dadelsen
    Translated from the French by Marilyn Hacker
    It Was Sunday

Julia Hartwig
    Translated from the Polish by John and Bogdana Carpenter
    Portrait of an Artist
    Later and Later

John Greening
    Airmail for Chief Seattle

Dic Edwards
    icepoem #015: the revolutionaries

Hal Sirowitz
    Face to Face
    Those Were the Days
    Jews and Christians

Jodie Hollander
    A Box

Marc Kaminsky
    A Summer in the Country
    Dreams of My Brother

Daniel Lawless
    To the Motherland
    View from a Treehouse

Alexander Stessin
    Translated from the Russian by Andrey Gritsman
    Visiting Hours

Anja Konig
    Charismatic Megafauna

Anthony Costello
    The Henry Moore Institute

Susan Thomas
    The Beautiful Cars

David Cooke
    An Ode on Rare Earths

John Bradley
    Some Notes on the Pillow Book of Sei Shōnagon

Marc Vincenz
    Uncle Fernando Summons a Still Wind

Barry Wallenstein
    The Finale



Jeanne Marie Beaumont
    Introduction to Four Poems by Claudia Carlson

Claudia Carlson
    Chocolate Sarcophagus
    Fuck Cancer 2
    Dirty Laundry

Eric L. Santner
    The Poetics of Ruin: The Uses of Narrative
    in Marc Kaminsky’s The Road from Hiroshima

Stephen O’Connor
    Five Fragments from Thomas Jefferson Dreams
    of Sally Hemings
, a novel