Philip FriedFall/Winter 2018/19

Volume 18, no. 2

Philip FriedFall/Winter 2018/19
Volume 18, no. 2


John Greening
    from The Silence

Harry Clifton
    Red Earth Sequence
Where the Soul Goes Naked

George Szirtes
In Praise of Hotels
The Lady with the Ermine
Double Act

Keith Hutson
    The Man with the Xylophone Skull
Light Brigade

Rosalind Hudis
The Artist Mixes Color in the Renaissance
Mère Poussepin

Pippa Little
    The Horn Window

Steve Ely
    The Damosel is not dead, but sleepeth

Angie Estes
    Lieu de Nightshade Mémoire
Lieu de Mémoire: Family Home
Lieu de Coiffure Mémoire

Penelope Shuttle
    Newefangel (from History of the Child)
The Devil (from Lyonesse)
Kelpy (from Lyonesse)
Thou twingest me ...

Jeanne Marie Beaumont
    Blood Lines

Baron Wormser
The History Hotel
Upon the Death of the Actor …

Philip Gross
    The Invention
Borrowed Light

Kate Farrell
    Miraculous Landing
Revised Interactive Map of the Skies

D. Nurkse
    The Cell
Inmost Circle
A Signal
In the Frozen Woods

Richard Hoffman

Robin Fulton Macpherson
    Crows and Heron
Sailing South from the Tyne

John Kinsella
    Fens Love Poem

Kjell Espmark
    Translated from the Swedish by Robin Fulton Macpherson
The Background of the Emperor’s Edict

David Cooke
    Sicilian Elephants

Anthony Costello
    The Sevenths
The Tenths

Barry Wallenstein
    Please, Listen to the Music
Skin Deep

Hal Sirowitz
    Uninvited Guests
Dividing the Bill in Half
Holy Wafer

Marc Kaminsky
    The Bathrobe Dossier

Anja Konig
    Common Tragedy
Fall Time
The Blizzard



Frank Beck
    A True Paradise [essay on the prose and poetry of Alain-Fournier]
Penelope Shuttle, Will You Walk A Little Faster? (Bloodaxe, 2017)

Lem Coley
    Two Poets from West Riding
Steve Ely, Bloody, proud and murderous men, adulterers and
enemies of God
(The High Window, 2018)
John Duffy, The Edge of Seeing (The High Window, 2018)

David Cooke
    Neil Shepard, How It Is: Selected Poems (Salmon, 2018)

Philip Fried
    Keith Hutson, Troupers (Smith/Doorstop, 2018)

John Greening
    D. Nurkse, Love in the Last Days (Knopf, 2017)

Rick Larios
    Chana Bloch, The Moon Is Almost Full (Autumn House, 2017)
Philip Gross, A Bright Acoustic (Bloodaxe, 2017)

Fred Muratori
    Pascale Petit, Mama Amazonica (Bloodaxe, 2017)