Mallika VoraFall/Winter 2017-18

Volume 18, no. 1

Mallika VoraFall/Winter 2017-18
Volume 18, no. 1


Irena Klepfisz
    Her Birth: Warsaw, 1941
    My Mother at 99

Philip Gross
    Specific Instances of Silence

Sean Street
    The Space Between

Tim Liardet
    The Longest Red Light in America
    The World’s First Photograph
    Address to the Long Haul Travelers Set in a Blood-Red Utero of Light
    The Polygraph Addresses the Polygraph Martyr
    The Polygraph Martyr Replies

D. Nurkse
    Days of 2017
    Letter from the Horizon
    Block of Dim Lamps
    Capital of Statues

John Brehm
    Birds of a Feather
    Field of Vision
    Falling Hours

David McLoghlin
    Blue Dark
    The Well

Stephen Cramer

Jeffrey Skinner

Richard Hoffman
    How I Burned
    Ode to the Garbageman

Jacob Glatstein
    Translated from the Yiddish by Marc Kaminsky

Marc Kaminsky
    A Cobbler from Lublin

Anne Fitzgerald
    No Small Craft Warning
    Mrs. Doogan

Zoë Brigley Thompson
    Letter from Edna Pontellier

Keith Hutson
    My Old Man

Hal Sirowitz
    Talking to Those Asleep
    The Broken Fortune Cookie

Anja Konig
    Body of the Beloved

Patricia Carlin
    So Late in the Promises
    3:00 A.M.



Fred Muratori
    William Letford, Dirt
    Mary O’Malley, Playing the Octopus
    Adam O’Riordan, A Herring Famine

Fred Muratori
    Barry Wallenstein, At the Hotel Surprise

Lem Coley
    Carol Rumens, Animal People

Tim Liardet
    Jeanne Marie Beaumont, Letters from Limbo

Rick Larios
    Chris McCabe, Cenotaph South

Rick Larios
    Tyehimba Jess, Olio

Frank Beck
    Carmen Bugan, Releasing the Porcelain Birds

Frank Beck
    John Paul O’Connor, Half the Truth



Sally Ito
    Translating the Children’s Poetry of Misuzo Kaneko
    (with translations of poems from the Japanese by Sally Ito
    and Michiko Tsuboi)

Baron Wormser
    On The Manhattan Review Reaching Its 37th Year of Publication