Mallika VoraWinter 1984-5

Volume 3, no. 2

Mallika VoraWinter 1984-5
Volume 3, no. 2

Philip Fried

John and Bogdana Carpenter
  Interview with Zbigniew Herbert
  A Note About the “Conversation on Writing Poetry”

Zbigniew Herbert (translated by Bogdana and John Carpenter)
  Conversation on Writing Poetry

  We fall asleep on words
  On the Margin of the Trial
  Mr. Cogito Looks at His Face in the Mirror
  Old Prometheus
  The Monster of Mr. Cogito
  Mr. Cogito on Virtue
  The Old Masters
  Shameful Dreams
  The Murderers of Kings
  Cradle Song
  In Memoriam Nagy Laszlo
  Prayer of Mr. Cogito—Traveler
  Mr. Cogito—Notes from the House of the Dead
  Mr. Cogito Thinks About Blood
  To Ryszard Krynicki—A Letter
  Report from the Besieged City

Stanislaw Baranczak
  The Limits of Irony: Zbigniew Herbert’s Imponderabilia

Ivan Arguelles

Leonard S. Marcus
  The Letter

Penelope Shuttle
  7 Dream Stairs
  Giving Birth
  Biographical Note

Alan Bleakley

Paul Christensen

Colleen J. McElroy
  Shelley at Sequim Inlet
  What I’d Least Like to Remember

Contributors’ Notes