Mallika VoraFall 1986

Volume 4, no. 1

Mallika VoraFall 1986
Volume 4, no. 1

Roald Hoffmann
  Napkin Engineering

Baron Wormser
  Great Minds
  Delmore Schwartz
  Intellectual Beauty
  James Dean
  Social Security
  Homage to Thomas Eakins

David Hopes
  On Marrying the Poet
  In the Shadow of The Yorktown
  Oppenheimer’s Ghost Glides by Night to Trinity
  A Dream of Adonis

Christopher Bursk
  First Love
  Grey Sand
  Lib Bristol’s

Joseph M. Conte
  lyric construction

Peter Redgrove
  The Mountain-Hut
  Noisy Brook
  More Wet Girls
  Odour of Magnetism
  The Bible Behind the Scene

Penelope Shuttle
  Seven Mirrors
  The Animals from Underground

Hélène Dworzan
  New York Summer

Thomas Kinsella
  from Songs of the Psyche
  from Poems of the Dispossessed

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