The Manhattan Review
The Manhattan Review
Established 1980

Archive > Vol. 14 no. 1


Roddy Lumsden



a kiss appears in the air
  within a room
or as a button at the neck
         of a known one

then buttons one night
  to its morning
where we talk between love
  where         soft

in the light’s spilldown
       a kiss is all
but talk        and spills
all    spilled

lightly into the pulse
         radar concision
the concealed heat
  hoaxed         raised

        from its lair
light   heat     and pulse
risen in the notch
         between heads

a kiss appears     is air
  endures not as we wish
       as heat in the head
but as light

in the room we lay in
         as light as down
on one known skin
 as wish     within