Mallika VoraWinter 2002

Volume 10, no. 1

Mallika VoraWinter 2002
Volume 10, no. 1

Philip Fried
  Introduction: February 25th and September 11th



Patricia Carlin

Vénus Khoury-Ghata
  Translated from the French by Marilyn Hacker
  “There were too many women . . .”
  “The wind in the fig tree . . .”
  “She only opens her door to the winds . . .”
  “The frost that year . . .”
  “A white odor of woman . . .”

Jeanne Marie Beaumont

Peter Redgrove
  Field Day
  Horse-Beetle Dreaming
  The Drinkard
  Gynandromorphism in Butterflies and Caftans

Penelope Shuttle
  Eighteen Thoughtful Trumpeters of the Intelligible
  Idleness, Tenderness
  At Wheal Jane
  Where Lakes

Barbara Thimm

Shelby Stephenson
  Possum Lovecall

Baron Wormser
  On an Elvis Presley Movie from the Mid-Sixties
  Two Poets in Wartime
  Babe Ruth and Kid Rilke

D. Nurkse
  Grand Hotel Pascal

Christopher Bursk
  777.BR, 782.A7, 786.W, 791.R7

George Kalamaras
  Next Year When I Fish Hydrates in Fiscal Blue

Andrey Gritsman
  This Is a Test
  Area B
  Going Back



Introduction by Andrey Gritsman

  Aleksandr Eremenko
    The Length of a Look
    Pieter Breughel

  Ivan Zhdanov

  Victor Krivulin
    According to Your Word
    At the Blackboard
    The Pool at Dusk

  Elena Shvarts
    The Bear's Dream

  Arkady Dragomoschenko
    from Chinese Sun

  Nina Iskrenko
    Hymn to Polystylistics

  Mark Shatunovsky

Frank Beck
  Review of Selected Poems and A Leaf Out of His Book 
    by Penelope Shuttle