Mallika VoraSummer 2000

Volume 9, no. 2

Mallika VoraSummer 2000
Volume 9, no. 2

Philip Fried

Patricia Goedicke
  The Key

Baron Wormser
  Smoking in Midtown
  One Morning in California
  Shakespeare in Mud
  Henry Adams, 1915

Jean Monahan
  Sleeping with Chihuahuas

Zbigniew Herbert
  Translated from the Polish by John and Bogdana Carpenter
  To Henryk Elzenbert . . .
  To Peter Vujicic
  Pica Pica L.
  Can I Do Anything Else for You Sir
  Telephone Call

George Kalamaras
  Colligation at Harishchandra Ghat

E.J. McAdams
  A Coyote in New York

D. Nurkse
  The Prognosis
  A Path in Grace
  The Prize

Robert Collins
  Jesus Cures the Pharisee's Hiccups
  Jesus Cures the Rich Man's Insomnia

Gunnar Harding
  Translated from the Swedish by Roger Greenwald
  Introduction to the Poetry of Gunnar Harding (Greenwald)
  Grandpa and the Little Old Ladies in Leksand
  The Academy of Music

Tarjei Vesaas
  Translated from the Norwegian by Roger Greenwald
  Where the Fire Burned
  The Boat on Land
  Shadows on the Point
  A Nameless Ring in the Wood

Kajetan Kovic
  Translated from the Slovene by Tom Lozar and Igor Maver
  Elderberry Hours
  The Water of Life
  A Poem
  Mon père
  The Unpleasant Marriage

Peter Redgrove
  From the Welsh Virgil Caverns, IV. The Interior Mountaineer
  Limestone Cat
  The Sublime Art of Reading with Books or Without
  The Comforters
  The Avenue

Penelope Shuttle
  But He
  Women and Girls
  Parabolic Paradise
  Pollen Custom

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