Mallika VoraFall 1993

Volume 7, no. 1

Mallika VoraFall 1993
Volume 7, no. 1

Philip Fried

Tomas Tranströmer
  Translated from the Swedish by Robin Fulton
  Lugubrious Gondola No. 2
  The Cuckoo
  From July 1990

Ernst Brunner
  Translated from the Swedish by Anselm Hollo
  “Prime the wall that you pass”
  “A dog's bark away, where the cigar”

Jan Erik Vold
  Translated from the Norwegian by the author

Gunnar Harding
  Translated from the Swedish by Anselm Hollo
  The Enchanted World of Fairytale
  Many Were Here, But They Left Again

Jacques Roubaud
  Translated from the French by Rosmarie Waldrop
  Introduction to the Poetry of Jacques Roubaud by Rosmarie Waldrop
  In the Ersatz-World
  Any, Any Whatever
  “Where time imitates a solid line . . .”
  The Way of Stories
  The Way of the Impossible
  What to Do with a World
  Bright World
  “In these worlds . . .”
  “alive, absent from all life”
  Division of Worlds
  The Way of Examples, II
  That the World Was There

Bei Dao
  Translated from the Chinese by Donald Finkel and Xueliang Chen
  Night Patrol
  Deserted City
  Notes of an Afternoon
  On Eternity

D. Nurkse
  Dawn Kitchen
  Bed of Coals
  Evening Practice
  Lying In
  The Last Night of Exile

Donald Finkel
  Piano Man
  The Invention of Strangers

Peter Redgrove
  Ancient Well
  The Poor Man Naps in the Dunes
  Eight Parents
  Loose Faces
  They Come

Penelope Shuttle
  The Demonstration
  If You Were Us, What Would You Do
  A Town I Know

Baron Wormser
  August 22, 1990 (Iraq and Kuwait)
  A Quiet Life

Wislawa Szymorska
  Translated from the Polish by Stanislaw Baranczak and
    Clare Cavanagh
  A Paleolithic Fertility Fetish
  Conversation with a Stone
  No Title Required

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