Mallika VoraWinter 1995

Volume 7, no. 2

Mallika VoraWinter 1995
Volume 7, no. 2

Philip Fried

Penelope Shuttle
  Any Painting
  From Blue to Red
  Rescuing the Buddha
  Kingdom of Tiny Shoes

Glyn Maxwell
  The Devil at War
  Car Game
  A Swing from Gotham Central

  Translated from the Latin by William Matthews
  IX, xlviii
  XI, xviii
  XI, lxxiii

Baron Wormser
  Hymn to the Memory of D.H. Lawrence
  Palm Springs
  Angel of Death

Birgitta Trotzig
  Translated from the Swedish by Rika Lesser
  “Snow: the old Jewish cemetery . . .”
  a death
  “In Jerusalem’s implacable bedrock . . .”
  “my sister life”
  “in a dark tree . . .”

Julia Mishkin
  Long distance
  Changes in the Environment

Christopher Bursk
  The Tramp Steamer
  The Kingdom

François Jacqmin
  Translated from the French by Dick Schneider
  “No forest, and no thought even”
  “After it had snowed”
  “There were some moments of the sublime”
  “I make myself rare and taciturn so that”
  “The noise”
  “I am not an author, but a confused”
  “The cold consumed the sparrows. Their”
  “Since the frost settled in the orchard”
  “I had to gather up my own immensity”
  “I can’t make it to the world, like”
  “It is not enough to sleep. One must get by”
  “Day’s end had that perfection”
  “What would be the triumph spoken”
  “At twilight, when I look”

D. Nurkse
  The Last Month of My Father's Life
  Snow Lake Island
  Childhood and the Great Cities

Rosmarie Waldrop
  Three Poets

Gerhard Falkner
  Translated from the German by Rosmarie Waldrop
  the ice is broken
  the split
  two to one

Jayne-Ann Igel
  Translated from the German by Rosmarie Waldrop
  Nightly Round
  The Sex of Houses Gave Birth to Strange Places
  Unvoiced Sounds
  The Allmar

Peter Waterhouse
  Translated from the German by Rosmarie Waldrop
  The Widening of History
  Metamorphoses of the Leibniz Apple
  Constructive Procedure and Sweet Destiny
  Leaving the Identical . . .

Peter Redgrove
  Odious Poems
  In Malaga Cathedral
  Welsh Hills in the Black Mirror
  Explanation of the Town's Unease
  Hill Working
  Two Poems of Accidental Pregnancy

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