Mallika VoraFall 1995

Volume 8, no. 1

Mallika VoraFall 1995
Volume 8, no. 1

Philip Fried
  Introduction: In Memory of Bill Winfield

Bill Winfield
  Night Wind
  Black Blood
  Flying Object

Robert Bly
  He Wanted to Live His Life Over
  A Poem Is Some Remembering
  Brooding on Justice
  Talking with Genghis Khan

D. Nurkse
  Lake Huron
  Childhood and the Great War
  The Book of Loneliness
  The Train to Manitoba

Patricia Goedicke
  The Word Float
  The Gestures of Feeling
  Chase Scene, Many Levels
  In the Skull’s Tingling Auditorium
  Under Cygnus
  From the Cliffs

Baron Wormser
  Who St. Augustine Was
  Towards an Interstate Boddhisattva
  Fast Food Incident
  Ode for the American Comic, Lenny Bruce

Christopher Bursk
  The Missing Brother
  Usurper and Usurped
  A Way to Pass the Time

Penelope Shuttle
  Gauguin’s New Life
  No Secret
  A Man Like You
  Eight Frog Dreams

Rosmarie Waldrop
  Latent Settlement

Peter Redgrove
  Native Tongue
  Eating Cannon

Contributors’ Notes