Mallika VoraSpring 1998

Volume 8, no. 2

Mallika VoraSpring 1998
Volume 8, no. 2

Philip Fried

Ian Brand

Taj Jackson
  the sun never sets on the
  Silver Drumming Paint

Fernand Roqueplan
  Everything Repeated Many Times
  Portable Shrine

Tony Whedon
   Early-October Snow

Helene Kendler
  I Knew a Woman Who Conjured God
  A Harijan’s Death

Lee Sharkey

Paula Orlando
  Dickinson’s Notebook

Baron Wormser
  After the Fact
  Exhilaration Blues
  The Scream
  Portrait of the Artist

Tomas Tranströmer
  Translated from the Swedish by Robin Fulton
  Eagle Rock

Robin Fulton
  Introduction to the Poetry of Rose Ausländer

Rose Ausländer
  Translated from the German by Robin Fulton
  With No Visa
  My Key
  The Thornbush
  Our Father
  Expelled Moon

Kjell Espmark
  Translated from the Swedish by Robin Fulton
    from Four Greek Voices from Under the Ground
  1 “I am the most lonely of shadows”
  3 “Do you know it's your misunderstanding”

Louis Jenkins

Penelope Shuttle
  At Kynance Cove, Lizard Peninsula, Cornwall
  Our Backwater
  A Leaf Out of His Book
  Les Reines

Peter Redgrove
  To Circe
  Ms. Potter
  Commander of Parasyn

D. Nurkse
  Marriage in the Largest City
  The Book of Splendor
  A Prayer of Abandonment
  The Tower Overlooking the City
  The Clearing at Lime Creek

Noam Scheindlin

Carolyn Stoloff
  You Don’t Hear Me
  Nelson the Mailman
  Peredelkino Collage

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