Mallika VoraSpring 1999

Volume 9, no. 1

Mallika VoraSpring 1999
Volume 9, no. 1

Philip Fried

Zbigniew Herbert
  Clouds Over Ferrara
  The Calendars of Mr. Cogito

Baron Wormser
  “Greetings from my shadow”: The Poetry of Zbigniew Herbert (essay)
  For the Yiddish Poets
  Rimbaud on Long Island
  MIA—Missing in America
  In the Country of the Pointed Firs (1972) 

John Guzlowski
  Unmarked Graves

Barry Wallenstein
  A Measure of Conduct
  Apostrophe to Dr. Trope, Anesthesiologist
  A Famed Aviator Meets His Death
  Father at 85

Harriet Zinnes
  A Poem and Four Buzzards

Christopher Bursk
  Rorschach Test
  Swallow, That’s Not Asking Too Much, Is It?
  Fudge Packer
  Bite Down

Ricardo Pau-Llosa
  Telephone Cord, Office
  Pathetic Fallacies

Gary J. Whitehead
  The Fall

D. Nurkse
  The Assassination
  Rio Seco
  On the Duty of Self-Love
  The Weapons of Mass Destruction
  Last August of Marriage

Neil Shepard
  One Peoples
  “After You Left I Thought of Something Else You Wanted”

George Kalamaras
  You Keep Coming Upon Your Breath at the Altar

Joseph Bruchac
  Coyote’s Car Wash

Jeffrey Gordon Bockman
  Ode: I, Us, You

Peter Redgrove
  The Mighty Mortier Dancing Watershow Called Oscar at
    Watermouth Castle, Devon (Further Visited)

Penelope Shuttle
  The Air Bell
  St. Nectan’s Fall (North Coast, Cornwall)
  from Shuttle’s Cornwall

Shelby Stephenson
  from Long Journey Home

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